Life at Maville

At Maville Academy we focus in make the most of opportunities for children ‘beyond the classroom’.  We believe that as well as enhancing their childhood experiences, this aids them to develop into well-rounded individuals with a wide range of life-skills that may be useful later in their lives.
We are proud of our cosmopolitan and diverse student, staff and parent/guardians.  We have diverse cultures represented, which makes for a wide-ranging and stimulating group of people. This truly multi-cultural aspect of the school is one of our dynamic and it makes us respect and value each other’s cultures and beliefs. A great exposure.


Located on a serene site, Maville Academy sits to the northeast of the center of Mombasa Island in the leafy suburbs of Nyali, away from the hustle and bustle of the city served with elaborate infrastructure.
Started in 2012 the school has been extensively developed over the years and boasts a range of facilities making Maville Academy one of the regions finest Schools. With large playing fields, outdoor basketball, well-equipped classrooms, libraries, dining areas and playgrounds, we are able to challenge, enthuse and excite our student body.The school environment is unanimously revered and enjoyed by everybody associated with the school. We take great pride in the appearance of our School and developing state-of-the-art facilities to meet the needs of our students. ICT Classrooms, Arts Studio, Sports Facilities.

Maville Academy Modern School Beach Road Nyali “The English School”

Arts – Music, Drama, Talent Shows

Our School’s Music and Drama programs offer every student an abundance of opportunities, whatever their area of interest. All children are encouraged to take part in performing arts in annual talents showcase as well as regular musical concerts, talent shows and class assemblies.  We have a number of consultative music teachers instructing in different musical instruments, including drums, keyboard, string, woodwind, brass and voice, with our students regularly enhancing their skills.

Maville Academy Modern School Beach Road Nyali “The English School”
Maville Academy Modern School Beach Road Nyali “The English School”
Maville Academy Modern School Beach Road Nyali “The English School”


Sport is an integral part of our life at Maville Academy and all pupils are encouraged to participate in guided sports offered. Playing sport builds friendships, improves physical fitness, introduces new skills and creates opportunities to develop as part of a team. In the long run, our aim is to instill a love of physical activity in order that pupils continue enjoying sport into their later years.

Maville Academy Modern School Beach Road Nyali “The English School”

Trips - Adventure & Educational

At Maville Academy we highly advocate for learning outside the classroom. Organized field trips and outdoor adventure trips, or basically taking lessons outside.  We aim to ensure that each term, children will have at least one educational trip and adventure trip per year. Supplementing what is learned in class for team building and adventure.

Maville Academy Modern School Beach Road Nyali “The English School”

Our Community

Our diverse school community brings us together as we actively embolden participation from parents in everything that we do. Whereas this is certain with the pupils that we teach, there is more to our school community than words can express.  Periodic meetings are also scheduled where the management answers general queries from the parental body.

Developing and Nurturing Young Minds

No kid is ‘unsmart’, every kid is a genius at something. Our job is to find it and nurture it.